lunes, septiembre 15, 2008

Soitu y los Online Journalism Award

"El ganador es un brillante ejemplo de lo nuevo", dice el párrafo que le dio a -el website creado por Gumersindo Lafuente- el premio al mejor sitio no inglés de tamaño pequeño. Es decir que no pertenece a una de los grande grupos mediales. Todos los años, desde 1999, la Online Journalism Association -mayor organización de periodismo en internet de EE.UU- destaca a los mejores sitios informativos. Este años ganaron ElPaís y Soitu, quien está a punto de sumar un millón de visitantes únicos, con una apuesta más abierta, diversa y creativa que los medios tradicionales. "Nos interesa el periodismo, la Red y la participación", dijo Lafuente a este blog hace unos meses. Para ellos, la participación de los lectores ha sido clave y que en evidencia con la entrega de este premio.

Knight Award for Public Service:, Fixing D.C. Schools"The winning entry is an excellent package that focuses on a specific issue of tremendous importance to the community. A very strong investigation, very well-written stories, and obviously a matter of great public import. If I was a parent in Washington DC I would be studying this."

General Excellence, Small Site:"The winner clearly knows its audience, speaks to it honestly and helps it speak to itself. It is relentlessly helpful, packed with news and information that focuses on the needs of its users. What it gets back is an engaged community."

General Excellence, Medium Sites:"A winner with an impressive visual approach to journalism that helped them stand out as being a little bit different and very strong. One of the best newspaper Web sites I have seen, with high quality multimedia content that is integral to the site, not an afterthought or secondary element."

General Excellence, Large Site:"A site that made substantial changes in the past year, making it one of the more dynamic destinations out there. One that takes user content seriously and integrates it into the whole, opening a new era of networked content. One judge predicted "everyone will copy it."'

General Excellence (Non-English), Small Site: "The winner is a brilliant example of the new, smaller independent online news, information and community sites. It balances rigorous journalism with the most innovative application of Web 2.0 practices, all packaged in a gorgeous design with unique attention to small touches of navigational genius."

General Excellence (Non-English), Large Site:"The winner sets the benchmark by which others are measured. On a bedrock of first-class journalism it has built a brilliant suite of infographics that are rich in information, yet easy to consume. The site is a shining example of how traditional media can blossom in the digital arena."


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